‘On behalf of the immortal olive tree’

I would like to start my words with the verses  from Nazım Hikmet; the universal poet whom I appreciate by hearth. This was written even many of us were not born yet, for the ones who has not been born yet can read and understand the immortalty . Here you read  how  he gave voice to his understanding  about olive tree.

I mean, you must take living soseriously
that even at seventy, forexample, you’ll plant olivetrees—
and not for your children, either,
but because although you fear death,you don’t believe it,
because living, I mean, weigh sheavier.

                                                                               Nazım Hikmet Ran

I’m sure there is no other more touching wording has been written about  the immortal tree and eternal life yet. The countless emperyeal olive trees that have been registered as over 1000 years old; which I have had the chance to see in my country or in other countries comes to life meaning  and the value of being with these words.

My friendship with olive and oliveoil started after my marriage with an Aegean man.  As coming from a nomad family culture and used to cook with butter, I can’t say that we were very good friends in the beginning during  the first years of my marriage. I had difficulties in adapting to the Aegean culinary culture which even rice and soup are cooked with olive oil. The instructions and manners I received from my mother-in-law, whose cooking is indisputable and  my husband’s gourmet assistancy  happened to be my guide. I loved olive oil and my  addoptation  didn’t  take long . After being good friends; Olive oil the Golden Juice of this immortal tree and it’s fruit became matchless  queen of my kitchen.. My experience over the years eventually brought me to be the owning manager of an ‘Aegean Cuisine Restaurant’.

Unfortunately, during the last quarter century in the geography I live; Our hearts bleeding hopeless  we have witnessed the destroy of olive trees.. By the sake of new life style and tourism the ‘olive trees’ which we know to be protected by law were unconscionably destroyed not one by one but by plantations for constructions. Some has shifted to summer estates, some to hotels, some to roads, some to shopping centers, some to parking lots and many more, which are called the necessity of the modern city life.

As these were happening, in our private life, my husband and me turned our faces to the opposite direction. We followed our passion to the soil and nature by establishing olive plantations, vineyards and fruit gardens. The farmland have reached the dimension requiring institutionalization in time. In the end of nineties, Kuşadası Tariş Olive oil Cooperative decided to replace it’s old water lithography olive oil extraction system with a new continius system.  That was a crosroad in my life.We bought their traditional olive oil presses with stone mills so that they would not be scrapped, and we set up an olive oil workshop.

 While following  the world in olive oil quality progress, I decided to change the extracting technology with the Italian Olio mio cold pressing system in 2017.

In the mean time the organic farming business has formed its corporate identity, became a brand in organic agriculture and food production. Our brand has been a trusted and recognized pioneer in the national organic sector. As an olive oil producer, my goal was to reveal the difference with the unique sensory values ​​of the very high polyphenol olive oil, which the “Memecik olive” privileged by Kusadasi gulf climate, can reach. Our organic certified, cold-pressed olive oils have received gold awards from all national and international competitions we have participated in.

While I was a young woman in my early twenties trying to get used to the taste of olive oil; in my sixties I had reached the identity of an adult  woman who endlessly respects the olive tree, producing olive oil and trying to develop its culture.

I believe; success in olive and olive oil harmony requires the culture to respect and protection of the olive tree. When in people’s belief ‘even a single olive tree on any age should be protected ‘ becomes vital as civil low of the society  only then will the true value of olive oil as a fruit juice with necessity value be understood. This may change the way of treatment to olive trees and we can uprise in being  a valuable  brand in tourism with our nature and oliveoil.

Health, wealth, art, civilization and hope have been together millenarian in the lands where the olive tree has grown and people have lived in prosperity.

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in my struggle for a pieceful future in my country and my town Kuşadası . 

My wish is the spreaded seeds today will leaf out with fruitfull branches and bring peace and happiness to our future generations.


Gursel Tonbul

Kusadasi /Aydin / Turkey